Actor, writer and blogger John Ross Bowie talks political campaign design and messaging at the October 2012 CreativeMornings/LA.

This year, we heard an old story for the first time. An awkward kid is given superpowers - he makes a terrible mess of his new abilities while trying to take down his nemesis – and he learns that with great power comes great responsibility. Also, they made a new Spiderman movie!

This talk – the REBOOT OF THE TERRIBLE CAMPAIGN FRANCHISE – will avoid policy to instead talk about optics, messaging and terrible gaffes, illustrating how terribly botched campaigns have a rich and varied history. We’ll go back from “Corporations are people, my friend” to Kerry’s windsurfing, Dukakis in the tank, and a candidate who actually promised to RAISE taxes during his convention speech.

About the speaker

John Ross Bowie is an actor/writer/blogger based in Los Angeles who spends way too much time on the internet. Especially during election season.

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    Easily the funniest talk we had and one of the most enlightening. John Ross Bowie is a super intelligent, hilarious actor/writer who knows his shit when it comes to politics. If you're interested at all in the design and messaging of political campaigns you must watch this.

    Jon Setzen