John Deeb

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part of a series on Chaos

About the speaker

John Deeb is an award winning commercial photographer and director/DP, holding degrees from UCF in advertising/public relations and film with a specialization in computer animation. John likes to push the limits and bring ideas to the studio to create them using practical tools and capture them in-camera rather than through CG, which usually means making a huge mess. He owns and operates Deeb Studios, a still photography and video production company based in Orlando, Florida and works with clients such as Disney, Pepsi, Olive Garden, Uber, and Hard Rock International. If you are reading this bio and debating whether or not to hire John, meet John, or attend a speaking event John is giving, I’ll say this: you should probably do it. I should also say that I am clearly biased, but if I try hard to be neutral, I think I’d still recommend it. Hopefully you do and while you’re there, I strongly suggest asking about one of the many sandy colored tiny dogs that John has. If after all that you feel like it was a waste of your time, please send an email to and we will try our best to make it up to you… to date no one has yet to send us an email, so that should be comforting.