Jocelyn K Glei talks about work and creativity in the Age of Distraction.

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Jocelyn K. Glei is a writer who’s obsessed with how we can find more creativity and meaning in our daily work. Her latest book, publishing in Oct 2016, is called Unsubscribe, a modern guide to killing email anxiety, avoiding distraction, and getting real work done. Her previous works include Manage Your Day-to-Day, Maximize Your Potential, and Make Your Mark, which offer pragmatic, actionable advice for creatives on managing their time, their careers, and their businesses. She was formerly the founding director of the 99U Conference and editor of, which earned two Webby Awards for Best Cultural Blog and a rabid fan base of productivity nerds. She lives in Los Angeles and online at

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So because of advances in technology, it's really easy to see progress when we're doing relatively meaningless, short-term tasks like processing our email...While it's incredibly difficult to see our progress when we're engaged in the long-term creative projects that are really going to have an impact on our lives. And the upshot is that we end up spending an inordinate amount of time on distractions and busy work because it feels like we're making progress, but that progress is pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. So what do we do? — Jocelyn Glei

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