Jelani Memory’s journey might seem strange and circuitous, but he thinks it’s just like everybody else’s.

Jelani walks through his unlikely path to being a creative entrepreneur, what led him to create his publishing company A Kids Book About, and what it means to make something that might just change the world. ⁣

About the speaker

Jelani Memory is a husband and father of 6 kids. Yes, six! He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon with one dream in life: to become an artist. It is yet to be decided whether he’s accomplished this or not.

He is also co-founder at Circle Media Labs, Inc. (just call it “circle”) where he led product for products like Circle with Disney and T-Mobile FamilyMode. He is currently the CEO and founder of A Kids Book About—a company that he hopes will make the most important books that kids ever read.

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