Jaylin Stewart shares how chaos and death has impacted her creativity and the role of art has played in her personal journey.

About the speaker

Jaylin Stewart is a young, self-taught artist from Victory Park, located in West Louisville, Kentucky. Though talented as a young child, Jaylin’s interest in painting blossomed while in her freshman year at Butler High School. Jaylin’s love for painting portraits is motivated by her genuine love for human life. Her paintings are a form of therapy while grieving the loss of important family and friends in her life. Jaylin’s artwork and creativity have helped her to find her voice and to become a leader in her community. Her paintings have also allowed her to visually tell her life story. Jaylin is the founder and CEO of Adah School of Art Inc., a non-profit organization that provides a creative environment by combining multiple forms of art to cultivate our youth in order to utilize the talents that they possess. Adah’s mission is to achieve the following principles: creativity, confidence, and social skills. Jaylin has been featured on many radio and television program featuring her artwork. She is the 2017 recipient of the Active Citizenship Award recognized by County Commissioner Kathleen Parks.

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