James Greig

March 31, 8:30am - 10:30am BST. Hosted at The Assembly Roxy

part of a series on Taboo

About the speaker

Me, myself and I — self-care for the creative soul

What happens when you stop loving your job? Or harder still, what happens when you stop loving yourself? This is a talk about a part of creative life that people don’t often talk about: creative burnout, depression and mental health. I’ll share my experience of burning out, quitting my job, and putting my career back together again, plus some of the life experiments I’ve run along the way. It might hurt like hell, but I believe depression can be seen in a positive light — by approaching it as the first step in rekindling your creative soul.

James Greig is a graphic designer with thirteen years of experience working with a diverse mix of commercial and cultural clients. He is also a writer and the founder of CycleLove. He writes about design, creativity and entrepreneurship on his blog- his newsletters are read by over 1700 subscribers and provides, in our opinion, some of the most honest and thought provoking content on the internet. James also teaches 7 Things You Should Do Before Going Freelance, a free course for anyone considering self-employment.

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