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At our 2 years anniversary, we explored the global theme of Silence with Jabari Holloway - teacher, poet and passionate with linguistics  In the fast and loud world we live in, silence is for many of us a challenge, a discomfort and even a fear. Many people connect silence only with meditation, social awkwardness or with the challenge of facing their own self. Jabari challenged us to explore the potential in silence; how it can fuel creative inspiration, knowledge and stability once we know how to contact our inner silence; how the power of silence can go in either direction depending on the observer; how to listen to silence because it has so much to say. A dualistic approach to non-duality.  Jabari finished his talk with a beautiful quote from the Sufi poet RumiJalāl ad-Dīn Rumi and a few minutes of silence with the entire audience.  “Why are you so afraid of silence, silence is the root of everything. If you spiral into its void, a hundred voices will thunder messages you long to hear.

About the speaker

“Words Create WorLds”

Jabari is a Poet, though most may not Gnō* It. He keeps his words Simple, he understands they are Symbols.

To a WorLd often Hidden, in signs long since Written. Through teaching he Earns, by living he Learns.

For the WorLd is our Class, and living is our Task. He asks the hard Questions, for each answer’s a Lesson

His medium is English, it’s syntactically Seamless. His tools are the Word, the noun and the Verb

His prose are in Rhyme, deceptively Sublime. His flow is a Habit, it’s multi-Syllabic.

Wrapped in a Riddle, these Words are his Fiddle. He can lead you Astray, with what he may Say.

He can brighten your Beam, he can uplift your Esteem. He can conjure and Capture, he can catch and Enrapture.

He can beguile and Amuse, with the Words he may Choose. You might think it’s Babel, a madman’s wise Ramble.

Or maybe he’s Wise, but who can Surmise? The point here is This, so try not to Miss.

All that he can Do, he knows you can Too.

*Gnō(sis) is Greek for Knowledge Phonetically similar to “Know”

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