Improving Your Social Media Photos with Lightroom Classic

May 28, 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Do you have photos that didn’t capture your subject, or the entire scene, as you expected? Are the onboard Instagram filters not helping at all? This class will demonstrate the basics of Lightroom Classic in an hour. You will see three quick steps that will enhance your images so that they communicate your planned vision. Whether you use a phone camera app or an actual camera, you can use Lightroom Classic to edit and improve your images for more unique social media posts.

I’ll share how to import and organize your photos (for easy retrieval down the road). Then I will demonstrate the three tools that will allow you to adjust any area of a photo on its own, without ruining the parts of your photo that already look great. The workshop will finish with exporting your files for optimum social media posting and sharing.

Two of my partners from Lightroom Guy will be present for the class. They will be answering questions in the chat so that we can keep the flow of the class going while getting your questions answered in real time!

About your Host
As a freelance photographer for 15 years, Lightroom and I have grown-up together. I use it for both post-production/editing and on-location for immediate proofing with clients. Because of the ease of use, I also use it for my own personal work, as I have traveled all over the world. Though not a ‘guy’ I now teach Lightroom and data management with Lightroom Guy. I specialize in marketing photography for businesses when they are (re)branding with their designers. I love the collaborative processes and holistic design.