Immersive Story + Walk with Pop-Up Magazine

About this FieldTrip

Grab some comfortable walking shoes, your headphones and mask, because we’re going on a walk together! Pop-Up Magazine has created an immersive story for you to enjoy while walking. Actress Jenny Slate, Anna Sale (Death, Sex & Money), Antwan Miller (Ear Hustle), author and radio host Lulu Williams, writer Sam Jay (Saturday Night Live), and more invite you to look around and imagine as they share walking stories — profound, unexpected, moving, and life-changing.

Participants will log into the FieldTrip, join us for some stretches, and then set on a walking journey set to headphones.

We’re looking forward to seeing where participants start their walks and where they end up:
- Turn cameras on and audio off at the start of the walk
- When the walk begins turn cameras off
- After the walk, we’ll all turn cameras on to see where participants ended compared to where they started

To Prepare:
- Plan for a 30-minute walk, whatever walking means to you: leisurely and slow; in nature or in your city neighborhood.
- In advance, participants are asked to think about a safe, socially distant walk you can take while listening to your headphones. (Or enjoy while sitting on your stoop, in your backyard, or lounging on your bed.)
- Don’t forget your mask. Bring water, an extra layer, shades, and anything to help you lose yourself in the experience!

“Take a Walk” is part of Pop-Up Magazine’s fall issue premiering October 12. Experience a week of unforgettable stories — A comedian dares us not to laugh; aging nomads redefine the meaning of home; a skater-kid fakes his way through a summer at boy scout camp; a quarantine pen pal project goes viral; a woman escapes Jim Crow Louisiana and becomes the matriarch of over 300 descendants in Oakland, and a Berlin-based artist changes the way we see (and hear) everything. WATCH at

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Pop-Up Magazine is the premier “live magazine” featuring your favorite and future favorite storytellers, filmmakers, photographers, and podcasters.