“Imaginary Streets” – Creative Mobile Photography

August 9, 1:00pm - 2:45pm EDT. Hosted at Adobe Union Square (NYC)

About this FieldTrip

Start at Adobe headquarters with a presentation of the potential creativity one can create with props and the power of mobile photography. We will begin a short Photowalk looking for street scenes to experiment with and bring back to the editing lab. Finish with a live post editing walk-through on Lightroom and Photoshop app followed by a Q&A.

Bring your Mobile Phone with Lightroom and Photoshop apps installed.

I have been a Street Photographer for 5 years and got my start with Mobile Photography. This became a less intimidating educational tool where I got to learn about composition, post editing through apps, sharing my work, but most importantly my own artistic perspective. The success in that journey has brought me to the Adobe Creative Residency dream team. I am excited to share the lesson(s) I learned in my journey with aspiring artists.

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