Ignite Your Creative Fire Through the Power of Sound

Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

The global pandemic has caused many creative entrepreneurs and artists to experience heightened periods of disconnection, stress, overwhelm and anxiety, which can limit our ability as creators to stay inspired and focused.

During this FieldTrip, we will take you on an immersive guided sound journey which will support you in unlocking deeper levels of creative flow and connection. Through the power of meditation and sound frequency you’ll be able to access enhanced clarity, creativity and inner transformation.

This experience, created specifically for artists and creative entrepreneurs uses the concept of “brain entertainment” which harnesses sound frequency to synchronize brain waves and re-balance the left and right brain function. When your left and right brain can come back into balance, you are better able to be productive, creative, and reduce any brain fog. Artists have described remarkable experiences where sound therapy gives them a whole new lease on their creative expression, sometimes opening to new ideas they never thought were possible.

Participants will be asked to sit or lay in a comfortable, supported position, ideally using headphones that plug directly into a laptop. You’ll walk away feeling more focused, connected and energized to continue to execute on your creative projects and open to new ideas and inspiration!

Note: The sound experience will be a unique one time offering and will be recorded and made available to FieldTrip attendees who request it following the event so it may continue to inspire future moments of creativity.

About your Hosts
Jennifer & Steve are the co-founders of a health and wellness company called Pause+Expand. They harness the power of sound healing and guided meditation, to bring you closer to knowing yourself and the world around you. They are passionate about helping artists and creators access deeper states of connection to unlock their creative flow.

"When we pause thought, we open to the possibility of expanding our ideas beyond what we imagined possible.”

Learn more about us at www.pauseandexpand.com