Timo Higgs on Identity CM Munich March 2020

About the speaker

I grew up in a small town in Canada. A typical Canadian upbringing: ice hockey on frozen ponds, camping trips, lakes, forests and very polite people everywhere.

At university I discovered a love of sociology, community organising and enviro-friendly living. I volunteered a lot in my community, and eventually I was hired to the team planning and running City of Toronto’s water and energy saving campaigns. This was my first introduction to Social Marketing and using Identity as a tool for change.

I took these skills and set out into the world to seek adventure and become the person I’d always wanted to be. This led me to living on three continents, learning new languages, founding an environmental NGO and being a small business owner/startup founder a few times over.

The sum of these experiences has led to the development of Identity Architecture, a tool for creating sustainable change in individuals and organisations.

At Elasticbrains, IA complements my work with Design Thinking and Agile principles, helping our company develop, and helping me to become more of the person I want to be.

I reckon this talk - through a few personal stories from my adventures abroad - will help do the same for you.

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