“I CAN’T DRAW” — a doodle playground

Hosted at Fibercove

About this FieldTrip

Join the Doodle Revolution to poke holes in the Wall of Words and recapture some simple creativity through doodle-notes. From simple stick figures to smiley faces to sketchnotes, jump in for some fun making meaningful marks. Stealing several pages from Sunni Brown (“The Doodle Revolution”), Mike Rohde (“The Sketchnote Handbook”), and Dan Roam (“Back of the Napkin”), we’ll explore basic elements of visual language & how to use simple visual devices to take notes in a personally meaningful way: through doodling!

As an instructional designer, knowledge wrangler and learning sherpa, our host Alan creates engaging learning experiences and dabbles in doodles as an amateur to enlighten and entertain people.

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