Hygienic Dress League

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(COMPLIMENTARY) TICKETS WILL GO LIVE ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH: http://creativemornings.com/talks/hygienic-dress-league

Doors open for coffee and mingling at 8:30. The talk will begin at 9:00.

Hygienic Dress League (HDL) is an American corporation registered in 2007 by husband and wife visual artists Steve and Dorota Coy for the sole purpose of self-promotion through branding and advertising. They do not manufacture or sell anything. In an attempt to equalize prolific corporate advertisements and over commercialization with the presence of art, HDL uses the platform of street art and public art to create their own marketing campaign and bring art to the masses, just as corporations have done with advertising. Their campaigns also serve as a platform for critiquing greed, corporate values, over consumption, the art market, and the art world itself. HDL relies on the foundations of street art, but emphasizes creative work that transcends murals and the muralism movement. The artists have produced several works ranging from fleeting projections, toilet paper adverts, video holograms through steam vents, and augmented reality.