How to Start an Art Collection

About this FieldTrip

When you hear the word art collector do you picture a wealthy person wearing a black turtleneck at an art fair? Think again! We can all be art collectors, even on a budget.

Collecting art is an amazing way to bring meaning to your life, make your space feel like “you”, and support artists in your community and beyond.

If you are interested in buying art but unsure how to start, this is a talk for you!

- How to figure out what kind of art you like
- Where to find art on a budget
- How to build a collection over time

About your Host
I’m a tech executive by day and a former contemporary art gallery owner in a former life. I discovered visual art in my 20s and have been passionate about helping more people feel welcome in the art world ever since.

Born in India and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, I bought my first painting at age 27 and have slowly built up a collection over the years.

I started an art gallery on a whim, to help others like me learn how to build an art collection and ignite their love of art.

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