How to Navigate Your Creative Business Through Uncharted Territory

April 16, 6:30pm - 8:00pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you’re probably pretty well acquainted with unpredictability. Am I right?

But this is a WHOLE new level, and even the most seasoned pros are struggling to figure out what’s next for their business or career.

But as a business coach who’s worked with creative entrepreneurs for 15+ years, there are a few things I KNOW about you and the creative community:

You’re smart, resilient, problem solvers who do your best work when dealing with some serious constraints.

So, to support you and your creativity during this challenging time, I’m hosting a Field Trip to help you find your feet and move forward. This is not about having THE answer (I wish!), but facilitating a productive, supportive and inspiring conversation where you can share ideas and resources with one another.

We’ll be covering:

1) Taking care of your clients: Including how to reach out, being of service, pricing in a crisis, and whether you should be marketing

2) Taking care of your business. We’ll be talking about your numbers, handling staff and contractors, and making a plan to get through this

3) Taking care of yourself Because you’re the generator of all the goodness. When you’re good, everything else can be too.

So bring yourself, your questions and your ideas and let’s jam. I can’t wait to see you there!

In the meantime, keep calm and carry on (sorry, I’m British, I couldn’t help it!).

About your Host
As a business coach, I help creative entrepreneurs and freelancers build purpose-driven and profitable creative businesses. Through a series of clear, actionable steps, I help my clients gain clarity around what makes them stand out in the marketplace, create an authentic marketing message, and position their business to the high-quality clients they want.