How to Get Unstuck

January 16, 7:00pm - 8:30pm EST. Hosted at Breather (NYC - 14e4-404A)

About this FieldTrip

As much as we’d like to believe we’re open minded to new opportunities and changing the trajectory of our careers and lives, we are almost always searching for new solutions from the same mindset that got us stuck in the first place. Join us for a unique workshop with Jeff Hittner, co-founder of Project X. Jeff is a serial social entrepreneur, the founder of IBM’s Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting practice globally, and advisor to global leadership teams.

In this workshop we’ll examine the insecurities that keep us locked in our current thinking and experiment with 5 new ways to shift our mindset. We’ll experience brainstorming techniques to overcome individual blockers. We’ll get comfortable putting imperfect ideas out into the world, and crowdsource “micro-experiments” to move us in a new direction within a week.

Participants will use these techniques on the challenges currently holding them back and leave with a set of tools to help them get unstuck in future situations, too.

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