How To Decide with Keltie Maguire

About this FieldTrip

You loved this FieldTrip so much last November, I’m bringing it back for those who missed it!

Our lives are ultimately shaped by the choices we make, and yet decision-making is an area that so many of us struggle with.

How do we know our choices are the right ones? What happens when there are too many options to choose from? Why is decision-making so darn time-consuming and energy-depleting??

If you’ve ever wished you could make decisions with greater ease and more fulfilling outcomes, this 1-hour Zoom masterclass will teach you…

– My top tools and tactics for decision-making
– Helpful mindset shifts for making decisions
– How to apply these in your own career and life

After my own personal deep-dive into the subject of decision-making, and through having coached countless professionals and small business owners on their own challenging decisions, I’ve culminated my knowledge and experience to create this class — and I can’t wait to share it with you!

About your Host
Keltie Maguire is a Clarity Coach who helps small business owners and professionals get unstuck, find direction, and take action.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Keltie currently lives in Munich, Germany. When she isn’t exploring Munich, you’ll likely find Keltie hiking a mountain or traveling to a neighbouring European city.