8 Lessons in Love

Holley encourages us to choose love like our lives depend on it. Honor Your Past, Cultivate Empathy, Find Your Jam(s) and more.

About the speaker

Holley is an entrepreneur and strategist from New York City using her passions for the arts, education and culture to push the envelope. Valuing people over product and collaboration over competition, her work is driven by love and the power of human connection. In 2011, she co-founded the Hall Pass Tour; a collective collaborating with urban and rural schools to produce concerts celebrating the dreams and leadership of young people to spark school change. She also leads Oratory Glory, a communication agency and speaker collective based in Oakland, CA. Focused on amplifying the voices of marginalized groups to make waves in the world, they help diversify the playing field through learning experiences, coaching and strategy. Photo by SF/Sonoma based photographer, Sarah Deragon of Portraits to the People.

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    Sonja knecht by lucas de groot 07

    "What does love even mean? I am not talking about the noun; I am referring to the verb, the action.”

    Sonja Knecht