Hello Stranger: Design & Test Your Alter Ego with Madcap Factory

October 28, 6:30pm - 8:00pm EDT. Hosted at Based In

About this FieldTrip

PLEASE NOTE: This FieldTrip will be held in the beautiful 6th floor lounge and cafe of Based In. Please expect to use the stairs, it is worth the trek.

The best strategy for designing an alter ego is to not stray too far from the truth. Which truth is up to you.

There is liberation and illumination in exploring the world through a second persona. You get permission to do things you otherwise would never consider. Are you a super hero or a spy? Is your alter ego known to others or completely invisible.

In this workshop we’ll:
- Meet the real you
- Discuss the perils of fiction
- Develop an alter ego that stands up to inquisition
- Tie your alter ego to a “cloak”
- Workshop our characters

If you’re feeling up for it, we’ll all go out to a bar for a quick nightcap… in character.

Don’t worry, this is super low stakes. It is an experiment for us too and our main goal is to have fun together. READ the story behind Hello Stranger. Come as you are (or not).

About Your Hosts
Molly Sonsteng & Sam Utne are the co-Founders of Madcap Factory, an amusingly eccentric production house that builds event formats and experiences to help brands engage their communities.

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