Heartfelt Creativity

June 7, 9:30am - 10:15am EDT. Hosted at MNDFL (Greenwich Village, NYC)

About this FieldTrip

At MNDFL we offer a variety of mindfulness and compassion classes, from Intentions, Breath, and Heart. In this specialized class I will offer participants a guided visualization practice focused on compassion and creativity. Loving-Kindness (metta) is considered one of the 4 ‘highest dwellings’ of human consciousness. In ancient wisdom traditions it was presented as an antidote to fear, a strengthening of interpersonal relationships, and a gateway to a deep wisdom about what it means to be a sentient being on this planet. This workshop will provide an overview and introduction to this practice, and an experiential opportunity to try it out. The unique context will focus particularly on the creative act of generating a visualization imbued with detail and meaning, which results in the felt experience of compassion. In this case, the compassion is in the form of our own personal 'work’ of art. It becomes our mental offering to the world that we can emanate from ourselves to others.

About your Host:
David Perrin is interested in compassion as a creative act. He is a senior teacher at MNDFL, and Director of our Teacher Training program.

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