OMG, I fixed it myself! Creating digital products in 2013

Harry Keller’s issue: How the roles as designers and coders (and project managers, and …) are changing and must change further in the near future. As a case he referred to the website EdenSpiekermann designed for Ableton, which became one of the top 25 responsive sites of 2012. The design team started with HTML prototypes right away (no static mock-ups). Harry describes EdenSpiekermann iterative team work and how this can be much more efficient than traditional ways of working for clients.

About the speaker

Harry Keller is a web developer currently working on various digital products and services at Edenspiekermann, Berlin. For the past several months he was their lead developer on the overhaul of Ableton’s website which was recently revealed to the public. You can expect his insight on project workflow and how the roles of designers, developers, project managers and clients might shift in 2013.

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