Hajo Doorn

Hosted at Broeinest

part of a series on Chaos

About the speaker

Last year, Hajo Doorn said goodbye to his colleagues at WORM, where he worked for over 20 years as an art director. He now occupies a new function within Theather Rotterdam, as city dramaturg. His role is to connect art creators with issues in the city of Rotterdam, start a conversation about the role of art in the city and challenge conventions around these topics.

Hajo is best known for his very creative, unconventional and thought-provoking approach. During his time as art director, he was the chaos-maker and ‘godfather’ of the movement that put WORM and avangarde, weird art on the cultural map of Rotterdam.

Hajo brings chaos through his radical, anarchist views, but his intervention is a constructive disruption, since he can also keep a pragmatic eye on things and deal with people in power, as pointed out by Melle Daamen, former director of Theater Rotterdam.

Join in for a disruptive creative talk with Hajo Doorn, next week Friday at Broeinest!

Photo source: Willem de Kam