Hack Your Career: Career Design Workshop

Hosted at McGarrah Jessee

About this FieldTrip

There’s a career that you’re meant to have. One that’s technically work, but feels like play. Those with such careers seem lucky. The truth is they made their luck. They found the sweet spot by finding the perfect place to do what they do best. This workshop will show you three hacks to forge a path to the career that taps your potential and fulfills your need to create.

In this workshop, Bart Cleveland, Founder of Job Propulsion Lab, will teach you how to how to hack your career (to avoid being a hack) and change the course of a mediocre career to the one you’re meant to have.

Hack Yourself: Learn what you really want in a career.

Hack Your Place: Find employers that empower employees to succeed.

Hack The Job: Market yourself as the perfect fit for a company and get the job.

We’ll be hosted at McGarrah Jessee.

Photo credit: Joel Robison Photography

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