Graham explains how to best follow your fantasies; from idyllically doing things for yourself to practically using fantasies to change the world for the better.

About the speaker

Graham Brown is an entrepreneur, musician and aspiring professional wrestler. He currently lives in Indianapolis and owns United State of Indiana, an apparel company that helps Hoosiers express a love of Indiana and dedication to a sense of place in their environment. United State of Indiana products are shipped around the country daily and can be found in dozens of small, locally-owned shops around the state.

In high school, Graham pioneered the “rural interventionist” movement, which involves installing guerrilla art and graffiti in small town settings where no one cares about guerilla art or graffiti. As a student at Anderson University, Graham co-owned a pancake restaurant called The Flop, received the Wall Street Journal Award for Student Achievement, and was placed on strict probation by the University for charges stemming from “conspiracy.”

Graham thinks his next project will be much better and more exciting than anything he’s done so far. He encourages you to stick around.

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