Get Inspired at Austin Creative Reuse

Hosted at Austin Creative Reuse

About this FieldTrip

Austin Creative Reuse collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials. A cross between a thrift store, a craft store and a community center, they inspire innovation and creativity through the re-purposing and/or reuse of materials destined for the landfill. On this FieldTrip, we’ll be touring the Creative Reuse Center while completing a short scavenger hunt. In addition to the tour, we’ll be helping out by working on a volunteer activity that may include sorting, testing, packaging, rolling or stamping.

Austin Creative Reuse is a great place to donate your old craft or art supplies. Here’s a list of what they accept if you’d like to do a bit of fall cleaning this week! Donations are not required to participate in the FieldTrip.

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