Personally I would not consider the possibility of remaining “jobless”! Even for a very short period of time! Because life is too short to spend hours doing nothing!

I get inspiration to elaborate this question precisely within the question. For me work has always been a good experience; hence I have said “YES” to many jobs, different types, unrelated to my academic background or career aspirations. I worked in various NGOs, I worked as a waiter, in a bakery, as newsboy, in a logistics company, as an interpreter, as a tour guide (most of these while I was a student) but I also worked for renowned international organizations, our public administration, ministries and now as general director with the Municipality of Tirana. I believe that every job has something to teach you, witholds a challenge, a surprise, you have a mastery inside with provides you with pleasure while you aspire towards perfection, but also provides the most important ability, that of communication and managing people.

About the speaker

Genci Kojdheli, born 01 August 1977, Tirana, Albania

Education 2001-2002 LL.M. International/European Protection of Human Rights, Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, the Netherlands Thesis submitted: “The crime of Genocide and its repression in International Courts” 1996- 2000 B.A. in Law, University of Tirana, Faculty of Law, Albania

Work Experience 2003 – 2012, University lecturer: - Human Rights – University of Tirana, Faculty of Law (2003, 2004) - Conflict Resolution – University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences (2005) - Human Rights – University Marin Barleti, Faculty of Law (2006, 2007) - The Diplomacy of the Albanian State – University Marin Barleti, Faculty of Social Sciences (2007) - International Public Law – Wisdom University, Faculty of Law (2010) - US Foreign Policy – Vitrina University, Faculty of Political Science (2010) - The Statebuilding process in Kosovo – Vitrina University, Faculty of Political Science (2011) - International Relations of the Middle East – Vitrina University, Faculty of Political Science (2011) - History of the Institutions – Wisdom University, Faculty of Law (2011) General Director – National Employment Service – October 2013 – Ongoing Undersecretary for Youth and Migration – Socialist Party of Albania – 01 January 2012 – ongoing Political/Socio-Economic Consultant + Scriptwriter/Author – “The Albanian Sunday”, KLAN TV – 01 January 2011 – 31 June 2012 National Political Affairs Officer – OSCE Presence in Albania 03 October 2005 – 29 February 2008 (Tirana, Albania) Adviser to the Minister of Public Order 15 November 2004 – 16 September 2005 (Tirana, Albania) Project Advisor / Trainer Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Albania 01 August 2003 – ongoing (Tirana, Albania) Country Operations Officer UNDP/UNV Albania 09 April 2003 – 14 November 2004 (Tirana, Albania) Chair of AlbUnion for Human Rights 12 February 2000 – ongoing (Tirana, Albania) International Consultant, CARE Netherlands 21 September 2002 – 03 October 2002 (Gjakovo, Kosovo) HR Manager/Office Manager, World Vision International (WVI) 01 October 2000 - 01 September 2001 (Tirana, Albania) Project Manager, Soros Foundation Albania June 2000 - September 2000 (Tirana, Albania) Deputy Chair, Albanian Gender Task Force Union February 1999- September 2000 (Tirana, Albania) Project Manager, UNDP/ICG August1999 –October 1999 (Tirana, Albania)

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