Gaspard Bos talks about the relationship between things and (their) people

About the speaker

Curiosity is a fruitful path to follow, as it often leads to exciting discoveries and creates space for growth. By staying actively curious, we learn to open the door into the unknown with a bold and inquisitive attitude, seeking new knowledge, skills and innovative solutions.

In the world of creative work it’s even more important to ask different, unusual questions because it can shift one’s point of view and help connecting the dots differently.

Think for instance what if you had to seduce a product before you were able to buy it? Or prove that you would be a good “master” or “partner”? And what if you let the product decide what should happen to it at the end of its life (or when you want to “break up”)? Maybe its own will is to have its “organs” donated, parts swapped or to be cremated or re-molten into raw materials.

Gaspard is the inquisitive brain asking such questions, in his work with social/circular design. He explores what this kind of design and things with agency, techno animism or new materialism have to offer to improve our relationship with things we own or perhaps with things that…own us.

He is able to afford time delving deeper into these curiosities thanks to a “Stimuleringsfonds” grant. At the talk, Gaspard will share with us his ideas on how to step outside of our own preconceptions, why this is vital to an evolving design practice and what asking this kind of questions can lead to.

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