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Galina Nedyalkova is the founder of Paths, an independent school for kids from 5 to 14 years of age, which aims to help students become proactive and innovative change-makers of tomorrow. Galya is a child psychologist with an impressive track record - from organising field trips for kids with behavioural issues, through teaching at the first Democratic school in Sofia and Exploratorium, to the founding of a Forest Daycare for children, which heavily draws on Scandinavian models of education on the basis of recognising each child as an individual equal to the adults.

“Paths” is the third independent school in Sofia so far, and it strives to show that change is possible even in a country with a rigid and somewhat chaotic educational system like ours. Galya and her team are trying every day to make it a place where children`s needs and searches are respected and valued, or as they put it: A place for little humans - big changes.

Photo credit: Aneliya Todorova

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