How do you plan meetings in New York? Pitch ideas in Berlin? Pay for client dinners in Japan? Different cultures have different ways of doing things, and in today’s globalised world, these differences can complicate communication.

In her talk, Gabrielle explores the benefits and challenges of working across cultures and identifies simple ways to enhance communication and effectiveness in international teams.

About the speaker

Gabrielle Soria is a California-born creative director, currently working at AKQA’s Berlin studio. From a childhood dancing Hawaiian hula in San Francisco, to studying writing, advertising, and intercultural communications, to working abroad in Germany—she’s always been captivated by the way we talk to each other and how we communicate across cultures.

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Hera are five skill you can start integrating and building within your team today. Do regular pulse-checks: Are we aware? Are we listening deeply? Are we being curious? Are we sharing and learning? Are we trying out another perspective? — Gabrielle Soria

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