Fredrik Härén shares his experience on leading a creative life.

Our speaker at the April 2012 CreativeMornings/Singapore was Fredrik Härén, Author of The Idea Book and a highly sought after International speaker.

About the speaker

Fredrik Härén is the founder of and is quickly becoming an international name in the field of creativity. He has delivered over 1000 inspirational workshops and lectures across 25 different countries, focusing on creativity, idea generation and entrepreneurship.

He is the author of an international best seller that’s considered one of the top 100 best management books of all time. It has been translated into 15 languages with more than 200,000 copies sold.

As a Swede, he has been nominated for multiple awards about creativity and inspirational speaking, and is launching an Ideas Island in Palawan, Philippines – an island where creatives can go into retreat for free – as long as they are working on an idea. He will share his experiences on how to taken an idea to success.

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