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FINN is the biggest and most recognised online marketplace in Norway. Each year people spend an average of 25 hours on the service. At FINN you can find your dream home, buy and sell stuff, drool over a Ferrari or find someone to help mow your lawn. FINN is basically the market of endless opportunities.

Imagine a team of 10 designers all designing their vision of the perfect button. And then, introduce 10 developers implementing those buttons in their own separate way. And then, put all 20 people in a room and start an endless discussion on which button is the best.

Ingrid and Thuy from the UX team at FINN will give you insight on how the design system at FINN works, what it takes to keep a design system alive, and most importantly, keep chaos to a minimum.

Thuy Gia Nguyen is an app designer with a nag for details and thumb friendly interfaces. Before coming to FINN he was the design team lead at Hyper Oslo.

Ingrid Vestby Fredriksen is a visual designer and started her career in FINN and was the youngest employee ever. At the age of 21, she got full responsibility for kickstarting the Design System at FINN.

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