Finding Your Unique Flow by Heather Ingram

About this FieldTrip

Flow is getting a lot of air time of late, which is great. However, one mistake folks make is that we coach folks to achieve flow with basic default assumptions. For example, we tell folks they need to focus MORE, have LESS distractions, get MORE clarity, get MORE feedback.

Generally these assumptions work for the majority of folks but not for those on the margins. For example Stealing Fire, one of the best known works on Flow – documents extreme athletes who get amped up and DESCEND into flow. However, it doesn’t talk as much about the folks who ASCEND into flow.

So which is it? If you questioned the validity of this false dichotomy and said BOTH - then we can be friends. Hooray!

To understand how to negotiate this balance, we’ll dig into the fundamentals. Maslow referred to “being in the flow” as being PEAK state. As the term implies what we need to do DEPEND on which side of the peak we are on - and where we want to go.

Sometimes we need to pour on the gas and sometimes we need to put on the brakes. Too often, single-minded and stressed out bosses - push us to do MORE when in fact the most efficient and effective thing is to do LESS.

In this intro to personal applied flow we’ll make sense of flow. Specifically we’ll:

Review the 9 principles of flow - building on the original work by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi + combining it with game theory + physics + wisdom traditions.

We’ll also connect Mindfulness + EQ with Flow, including a Brief Guided Meditation designed to help participants get centered so that they can mindfully move in the direction they want to go.

Finally I’ll share the research behind the Flow Personality Test, so attendees can understand their emotional center. This will also help them negotiate around what Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way, calls crazy-makers. It is also an excellent tool for finding team flow and alignment.

About your Host
I’m an MBA, researcher, author, mindfulness coach, illustrator and retired ultimate frisbee-r

I coach people on creating the context and channels for personal and team flow. I also recently published my book Applied Flow: Stop Burnout. Be Awesome.