Find Your African and Indigenous Ancestors Using AncestryDNA Results

About this FieldTrip

Are you looking to find your native African and Indigenous ancestry using your DNA results? This workshop will teach you how to maximize your results and develop a research plan focused on finding native African and Indigenous ancestry.

This workshop will use the characters of HBO’s Watchmen to take you on this Legacy Tracing™ journey.

Participants will learn Legacy Tracing™, a methodology that teaches:

(1) how to maximize DNA results;

(2) find public evidentiary documents;

(3) locate privately held documents;

(4) conduct and publish oral interviews;

(5) examine research in the proper context of American history;

(6) organize research to write legacy stories based on evidence and

(7) strategies and practices for coping with “the truth.”

Participants should come with a desire to learn more about finding ancestral legacies and have a way to take notes.

About your Host
Shellie Baxter is the CEO and Founder of Our Genetic Legacy where she runs the History Makers Workshop which teaches Legacy Tracing® for the purpose of writing legacy stories to be included in new American history books published by Our Genetic Legacy.

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