Faith47 & Lyall Sprong

Hosted at Friends of Design - Academy of Digital Arts

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Creating the perfect dynamic between design and creative execution is what Thingking founder, Lyall Sprong, does best. The Thingking team are an object design consultancy and manufacturer which creates tools for living, unique activations for brands and develops responsible installations for underprivileged communities. Lyall seeks to create work that increasingly reflects a deeper sense of place and understanding.

anotherlightup project

Faith47 is an artist whose striking and thought-provoking murals have been mesmerising, not only Capetonians, but communities around the world for many years. Her ability to capture emotion within her work have made her one of South Africa’s most influential street artists.

Faith47 and Lyall Sprong have teamed up with the Design Indaba Trust to create an urban design initiative called #ANOTHERLIGHTUP. Design Indaba Trust has been instrumental in funding the project and is the key driving force behind the scenes. Together they harness the visual power of design and crowd-funding to engage with the community and raise vital funds for a street light system, bringing light to one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Cape Town.

anotherlightup project

Their multi-story collaboration incorporates Faith47’s colossal mural style with Lyall’s innovative visual feedback loop. Standing several stories high, their project is an experimental look at how to connect parts of the city that are otherwise far removed. The transformation of an ordinary building into something beautiful and uplifting, demonstrates what is possible when creativity and passion synergize flawlessly.

Their project breaches the gap between the world of design and the real world issues we face in South Africa. Find out more at:

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Meet and greet upstairs at the Friends of Design Academy for a complimentary coffee and breakfast followed by a 20 min talk.