Experience the FoST Story Arcade

April 12, 12:00pm - 3:00pm EDT. Hosted at Starrett-Lehigh Building

About this FieldTrip

NOTE: This is a unique opportunity to experience The Story Arcade, a limited-run pop-up showcasing an incredible sampling of immersive, experiential, and multisensory exhibits. Tickets are normally $100. Please only register if you are certain you will attend.

Featuring eight incredible exhibits and showcasing the latest emerging technologies (VR, AR, AI, haptics, robotics, 360 video, and more), the Story Arcade brings together the best examples of next-generation storytelling! Now you can commune with ghosts, fly through a prehistoric landscape, create an original perfume, travel to the Amazon River basin, explore the cosmos, learn about the challenges of traveling as a minority, help a tiny hero uncover secret stories, and walk in the shoes of Freedom Fighters. Attendees are no longer passive consumers of entertainment at the Story Arcade but are active participants in the adventures.

Please check in at the front desk, and head to the 3rd floor.

In addition to the 12 spots reserved for this FieldTrip, FoST is offering the CreativeMornings community a 30% discount on tickets to the Story Arcade (good for use on any day). Use code “CreativeMornings30” at checkout here.

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