Evi Pärn shares her story about how curiosity and openness to the unknown challenges have opened new doors for her to the interesting artistic projects

About the speaker

On our morning event, Evi will be talking about how to live with curiosity as an adult and why it is a useful tool for creativity.

Evi Pärn is a multimedia artist and graphic designer, who is actively researching on how communications and relations are created. Evi has graduated from the Estonian Academy of Art with the Master’s degree in New Media Arts.

Evi has a really a curious mind and is interested in different art forms as performing arts, visual media, contemporary theatre, animation, activism and documentary.

Today Evi is part of the MIMproject art-group and is also an illustrator and writer at local magazine PLUG. She has also curated several exhibitions (in Tallinn, Narva and Moscow) and worked as a production artist for several theater pieces.

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