Eve-Marie Blouin is psychologist and expert on creativity and imagination, teaching and inspiring others on how to achieve flow state in everyday life.

Flow is the experience of completely immersing yourself in a singular pursuit and effectively applying your skills to it. When you’re in flow, your awareness of time momentarily dissolves. You’re in a temporary, but energizing state that helps you make progress with the task in front of you. So, how can you rise above the noise and get into flow? Eve-Marie teaches us how.

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Flow is a state where time stops existing and the ‘sense of self’ disappears. We’ve all experienced this at one point in our lives, oftentimes by accident. For some of us, flow came while skiing down a difficult hill, and for others, while painting a lavish landscape or performing in a play. Whatever the activity, flow is likely to come when the challenges of the situation match a person’s skills, when the goal of the activity is clear, and when people value the activity.

In this talk, the audience will be introduced to the concept of flow, they will be asked to reflect on their own experiences, and practice ‘hacking’ into this state through a play-based activity.

Eve Blouin is a psychologist and expert on creativity and imagination. She has conducted research on these topics for the past 6 years, and teaches an undergraduate course at Carleton University on creativity, play, and innovation in the workplace. She is also an expert in residence at Impact Hub Ottawa, and a co-owner of the collective Music.Art.Ppl, which has collaborated with institutions like the National Arts Centre on immersive music and art experiences, and received grants from the Ontario Arts Council to showcase minority artists.

Finally, Eve is owner of Bevy Creative, a business helping organizations and individuals master each stage of the creative process through play-based workshops, educational talks and group discussions, and one-on-one consulting.

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