Erik Binder

Hosted at Beastro bar

About the speaker

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Erik Binder’s activities are switching from the creative work of a person to the collaborative form of work of a group with changing members. His interest is rooted in visual appearances of subculture. The projects he manages are using many forms of media and ways of expression; from video to photographs, to wall drawings, and ultimately to installations. The main principle of his creation is playful joy of creativity. His installations are made of electric-installation materials, extension cords, child’s toys, food or chewing gums. He plays with verbal toys, creates various new phrases, words and names for his creation. As an art activist he shows us how to react to society; Creativity is the only possibility to get a way out of the reality of chaos and reach a kind of personal enlightenment, which we call art.

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