What are you going to do, today, to embrace your self-love?

Erick takes us on a wondrous journey of self love, through stories of his long cross continent travels, just him and his bicycle.

About the speaker

Erick Cedeño’s LOVE for cycling, travel, and cultural immersion gave him the passion to create Bicycle Nomad, with a goal to bring together and inspire dreamers and riders. A bicycle to him is magic in motion; not only in the most basic sense as transportation but also as an instrument allowing for the exploration and fostering of novel cultures, people and connections.

Over the past five years, Cedeño has traveled further than he’d ever imagined on his bicycle. It is his dream to share that experience and his LOVE for riding with the world. Everyone can be a Bicycle Nomad, regardless if they ride 3 blocks or 3,000 miles. I am Bicycle Nomad. We are Bicycle Nomad.

Join #CMPHX to discover Erick’s amazing inner spirit as he shares his bicycle adventures fueled by LOVE. <3

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