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Eric Resch is the co-owner and founder of Stone Creek Coffee, a Milwaukee based coffee roaster with a focus on a farm-to-cup customer experience. Eric founded Stone Creek Coffee in 1993 at the age of 24 using the corporate name, “Giri Corporation.” The word “giri” comes from the Samurai code of honor, Bushido, and can be translated to mean “social obligation.” With this founding belief as a guide, Stone Creek has grown from a small start-up to a nationally recognized leader in the coffee industry.

As part of their evolution, Stone Creek Coffee is in the middle of a multi-year rebranding effort to reposition the company from a good coffee company to great one. This transition is built around a new “Farm to Cup” sourcing model combined with the development of a high learning coffee geek culture. As part of this work, Eric has led the effort to reinvent all aspects of the company, including the organization structure, marketing and branding, sales efforts and more…

Stone Creek’s overall re-branding effort is being supported by LP/w Design, a small Milwaukee design studio. In partnership with LP/w Design, the coffee geeks at Stone Creek are now better able to communicate their passions, fueled by caffeine, to advance their craft.

Eric is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He received his MBA from Northwestern University. Eric is also a certified Coffee Q-Grader (sommelier of coffee), one of only three in Wisconsin. In addition to his coffee work at Stone Creek, Eric is a current board member and founding board chair of 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

Eric is married to Melissa Perez, the co-owner and Digital Experience Director of Stone Creek Coffee. Eric and Melissa have two young boys who have not yet been convinced of the virtues of drinking coffee… but not for the lack of trying.

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