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Date of birth 01 May 1980

2005 – 2008 Bachelor Degree in Psychology (9.74/10) - Thesis: “Determinants of self esteem development in visually impaired individuals”. University of Tirana - Faculty of Social Sciences

2008– 2010 M.Sc. Degree in psychology Clinical Development and Relationship Psychologist University of Tirana - Faculty of Social Sciences

2010 - 2011 M.Sc. in Journalism and Communication Sciences - Micro thesis: “Influencing the influencers: an analysis of public opinion in decision-makers of government and non government institutions” University of Tirana/Faculty of History and Philology

2013 - PHD process, thesis: A Study of the Educational policies that facilitate learning in individuals with learning disabilities. Institute of Education,University of London, Faculty of Policy and Society

PR Specialist Infosoft Management Services - Infosoft System Shpk Implementer of the project “Sharing the same Vision” - Vodafone Albania Fondation IT Trainer: Albanian Blind Association System engineer by “INFOSOFT Systems”– Albania

• Leader of Albanian Disability Youth Forum, supported by OSCE Presence in Albania, British Embassy to Albania and Vodafone Albania Foundation. • Founder and Board Director of the Visum Institute, NGO focused in social equality and development, education and health, providing services by research and implementation. • 9 years of volunteer work in Albanian Blind Association (to present): IT Trainer, Psychologist, communication skills support, interviewer. • Volunteer in Paralympics Games (2009 - 2011).

Publications: Lule, E., Gift for yourself, published in Psychology Magazine, 2008, Tiranë. Lule, E., The chances of Tiflology Informatization and integrity in Albania, referat on the national Symposium of Tiflology, of Albanian Blind Association, Tiranë, December 15-16, 2006.

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