Young animation director Emil Goodman talks about his movie in production, Henry Waltz, with his leg plastered. Video: Zoltán Teleky.

Emil Goodman, azaz Szabó András, a készülő Henry Waltz animációs film rendezője begipszelt lábbal is remek előadást tart. Videó: Teleky Zoltán.

About the speaker

The speaker of the fifth CreativeMornings_BDP is András Szabó, better known by his pseudnym Emil Goodman, animation director and father of the Henry Waltz Project.

András graduated at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design in 2011 with the visual teaser of a yet non-existing animation, Henry Waltz. Since then his wonderful and unique steampunk world received different awards and the project enjoys a growing public interest. Right now András and his colleagues are working on the making of Henry Waltz.

Formerly András worked on numerous projects. He created the official music video of Just Like by Beat Dis in 2007, which has been screened on British and Hungarian music channels for two years and received the Best First Film award on KAFF International Animaton Film Festival 2009. In the recent years András worked with director Péter Tímár, music group Secta Chameleon and UNICEF. In 2010 he established Room168 Studio, with the aim of creating Henry Waltz.

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