Embrace the Feminine Within

About this FieldTrip

We all hold feminine and masculine energies within us, no matter our gender.

But the masculine energy of DOING has been pushed and celebrated for so long in our society that we forget to embrace and honour the feminine energy of BEING.

The ultimate intention is that we find an inner balance and harmony between these two energies.

In this workshop/session, I will teach you about the masculine and feminine energies, how they might reflect in your life (work, relationships, etc) and take you on a guided meditation to embrace the feminine within you.

This session is for people of all genders. If it calls to you and you want to learn more, join us for this enlightening workshop.

About your Host
I’m an intuitive Earth-based healer and also a Reiki Master and spiritual teacher, and use my intuitive abilities to help my clients create transformation in their lives by offering an online program for women to step more into their spiritual abilities, live their divine purpose, and be of Service in the world. We focus on clearing away blockages and stepping more into their power so they can share their unique gifts with the world. To find out more, visit www.sarashirley.com/lsa