DACA recipient Elvis Saldias speaks about how his immigration status has affected his life

About the speaker

Elvis Saldias Villarroel was born in Bolivia and immigrated to Ohio as a child. He grew up undocumented in Northwest Ohio and today, as a Dreamer, is involved in advocacy and organizing around the issue in Columbus.

As an advocate, he shares his story across different media platforms to increase the public’s awareness on DACA. He has been featured in varying media outlets, including recent trips to Washington D.C. to lobby Ohio Congressional members.

As an organizer, he is part of DACA Time, a startup developing a web-based application to make the DACA application process easier and more affordable.“

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It took a lot of self-reflecting as I became an adult to think about my life, to think about some of the things that had happened, and to see that it was truly an American story. It was rising up and working and being scrappy and being hungry and trying to get educated, and more: things that Americans have been engaged with since the founding of this country. — Elvis Saldias Villarroel

Civic engagement is one of the most American things you can do. It utilizes your experience. It utilizes the freedom that you have to speak on anything. It utilizes a democracy because somebody has to listen to you. — Elvis Saldias Villarroel

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