Ellie Shipman - Taking Action Finding FLOW

November 1, 8:15am - 10:00am UTC. Hosted at The Learning Hub

part of a series on Flow

About the speaker

Eleanor is a participatory artist and illustrator based in Bristol, UK, and working around the world, currently spending a year in Vietnam, where she is Artist in Residence for Fashion Revolution Vietnam.

Debate around sustainability, urban change, what it means to be a woman and notions of community underpin her creative practice. Eleanor’s work responds to and challenges public, urban and socio-political tensions through encouraging and engaging the general public and a diverse range of community groups: from people with dementia to school children or refugee women amongst others.

Eleanor’s creative process often begins by facilitating a series of participatory workshops in drawing, making and talking with the communities involved, which develop into co-designed final outcomes. Projects have resulted in everything from patterned fabric being made into two sofas; an intergenerational podcast and time capsule; and curating a touring exhibition on sustainable fashion as artistic outcomes.

Eleanor studied BA Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art from 2008 - 11 writing her thesis on the role of temporary public art in urban regeneration. Eleanor completed a research year for her art practice in 2016 through studying MSc Sustainable Development in Practice at the University of the West of England where she wrote her thesis ‘Swell, breach, absorb: How can participatory art use Asset-Based Community Development methodologies to catalyse more climate-resilient communities?’ Eleanor aims to embed what she has learnt throughout her creative practice.

Additional details

Taking Action / Finding Flow: How to bring causes you care about into your creative practice

This talk will explore how to connect what you care about to your creative practice, and where to find flow within that process. It will investigate this conundrum through the lens of Ellie’s experience as a participatory artist and illustrator, reflecting on her recent work in Hanoi as the Artist in Residence for Fashion Revolution Vietnam and the exhibition ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ as well as other creative examples. __

There will be a participatory element to this talk where Ellie will invite the audience to identify their Sphere of Concern, Influence and Control and reflect on what enabled them to find ‘flow’ as a child (such as drawing, making up stories etc).