Ellen Vesters gives 10 tips on how to fail and still become a happy and successful entrepeneur

About the speaker

Learn from a REBEL

This months speaker is the embodiment of a REBEL, changing her career at the age of 30 and now helping others to do the same.

Ellen Vesters. studied psychology but radically changed her life to become an illustrator. Now she is a successful entrepreneur. Besides her illustration work, she runs her own (web)shop Urlaub, a graphic design concept store. She is part of the creative collective Totem, organizes creative workshops creative workshops and gives business bootcamps for creative entrepreneurs.

So, a pretty rebellious lady if you ask us, but she has her own view on being a REBEL. In this talk she will talk about the lessons learned that made her the creative entrepreneur she is today.

Photo of Ellen is made by Pim Geerts.

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The most logical or easy way to give my talk would be to talk about all my successes and inspire you with all this success, but I'm not going to do that. Here are the ten ways to fail as greatly as I did. — Ellen Vesters

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