Eileen Horowitz Bastianelli discusses US Democrats Abroad conduct a political campaign online.

Eileen Horowitz Bastianelli is the Head of the Social Media for Democrats Abroad as well as their web brand content producer. She helpped won the Elections in 2008 and is helping Obama win again. Eileen is explaining how Democrats Abroad conduct The campaign online.

About the speaker

I am a multi-faceted Entertainment and Marketing executive with a solid senior international network. A clear view of the link between content, digital and advertising has enabled me to advise, conceive, produce and monetize strategies for brands, content channels/providers and political organizations helping optimize their business in today’s changing landscape of digital communications. Raised in LA but based in Paris for 25 years, I am mother to two amazing teenagers. Traveling, art, fashion, innovation, social change, good food and good company are my passions.

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