Derivative, Impractical, Stupid, Cringeworthy and Offensive - Drew breaks down the DISCO method Fish in a Bottle use to generate ideas, using some of his favourite projects as examples.

Drew Wilkins talks about how he and his team build environment which allows them to be creative and elicit Wonder in their work.

About the speaker

What does wonder mean after childhood? How can you create a sense a wonder in an everyday or a work setting? This month, we’ll be looking at role ‘wonder’ has on the creative world, and the world more generally.

Drew Wilkins is Co-Founder and Head of Educational Content at Fish in a Bottle. Fish in a Bottle are one of the UK’s leading digital production studios who turn code into a rich and magical experience that users can immerse themselves in, as well as exploring how technologies such as VR and AR can be used to educate.

From Peppa Pig to Ai Weiwei - one of the biggest TV shows in the world to one of the biggest artists in our generation. Fish in a Bottle’s products, services and platforms have allowed users to place themselves in different worlds and explore with autonomy.

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