How to unleash our creativity by crushing our assumptions.

Next-level crowd participation, gestured learning and a big group of creatives who left feeling very inspired for the work day ahead; just a few things that went down at the third installment of Creative Mornings Melbourne.

About the speaker

Dr Amantha Imber is an innovation psychologist, bestselling author, and founder of the award-winning innovation consultancy Inventium. She gives her audiences practical, science-based tools that they can use to immediately get their brain unstuck, get creative juices flowing and uncover great ideas that will lead to business growth - all delivered in a way that engages, educates, and is often, downright quirky.

Unlike many self-proclaimed “experts” in the creativity and innovation arena, Amantha has both the science (a PhD in organisational psychology) and the clients (including Coca-Cola, LEGO, AMEX, Medibank Private, Red Bull, Deloitte, Vodafone, National Australia Bank, McDonalds and Westpac) to back her up. She has spoken in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the United States, and Europe helping turn people into innovation dynamos.

Amantha is a regular media commentator on creativity and innovation and is the co-creator of the BRW Most Innovative Companies list. She is the author of “The Creativity Formula: 50 scientifically proven creativity boosters for work and for life”, and has helped literally thousands of people solve problems more creatively and as a result, bring better innovations to market.

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